Our Story - About pinkmoon coffee

Empowering Local Independent Coffee Companies Everywhere

We started pinkmoon coffee with 1 mission in mind.

We want to make it as easy to buy from locally owned coffee companies as it is from the big box brands in the grocery stores and chains. 12 billion pounds of coffee is purchased every year. How many coffee companies can you name? 5.. maybe 10

That is a problem.

We talk about fair trade and direct trade for the farmer. This is good but it's not enough.

Especially when 98% of the world's coffee sales come from a handful of companies.

We need friendly competition and more variety.

Luckily, there are thousands of locally owned coffee companies across the world. Whether coffee shops or roasteries, they exist to support their local communities while also paying good prices for their coffee beans.

More choices = better coffee for you.

What's the difference between independent coffee companies and the large brands?

Simple. They want to serve you great coffee. Not take over the world.

Independent coffee companies exist because they love the art of making great fresh coffee. We talk with companies every day who welcome new coffee artisans into their community. They don't have to sell or please everyone. They can make the best cup of coffee with their own unique flavour profile.

Local coffee means more flavor, variety, opportunity for you. It also gives the power back to the farmer.

Stephen Miracle - Founder & Chief Coffee Nerd

pinkmoon coffee - stephen miracle

Stephen has been a coffee fanatic since he learned that it won't actually stunt his growth (stands 5'8 on a good day). He comes from a long history of entrepreneurs and local business owners. He always wanted to own a coffee shop since he was young. pinkmoon gives him an opportunity to mold all of his passions together: service, entrepreneurship, technology and of course coffee.

You can catch Stephen hanging out with his wife & 5 kids, playing guitar or roadtripping to find great local coffee when not busy with pinkmoon.