15 Coffee Shops & Companies in Adairville Ky

3. Tin Cup Coffee

Tin Cup Coffee began brewing epic coffee & crafting signature lattes as a welcoming treat for the clients of the digital marketing, web design and development firm, Horton Group. The quintessential coffee shop quickly made a name for itself beyond the praise of Horton’s guests. The pastime of simply enjoying the ideal cup of coffee has made its way back and we embrace every sip.

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4. Crema Coffee Roasters

We are a carbon neutral, zero waste coffee roaster in the heart of Nashville. We relationally source coffee from farmers we know and trust. Our ethos is to honor those farmers by paying them well, roasting their coffee in a way that honors its history and nuance, and serving the coffee with gratitude, acknowledging our place in this family of coffee.

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5. 212 Cafe and Wellness Center

Great food, healing, and a cozy lounge all in one, at the 212 Cafe & Wellness Center. We prepare artisan keto and paleo dishes made to replenish your body with healthy food and nutrients. Head on up the stairs of our historic, quaint 100-year-old house to the wellness center for massages and more.

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6. Dose Coffee

There are few greater pleasures that pairing a little something sweet with coffee. But realizing that we couldn’t serve any old muffin next to a great cup of coffee, we decided to make our own. All of our baked goods are made from scratch and baked fresh every morning. Our bakery produces muffins, scones, cookies, and pies including a daily selection of gluten-free and vegan items.

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7. Bongo Java

We strengthen communities by expanding the definition of quality to include factors of how stuff is produced, purchased and promoted. Thus, all of our coffee is 100% organic, 100% Fair Trade, 100% bought directly from small-farmers at prices above the Fair Trade minimum and all our cafes are unique to the communities they serve.

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9. Frothy Monkey

A restaurant & coffeehouse serving coffee, breakfast, lunch, dinner, beer, wine, cocktails. We bake our own bread & pastries, roast our own coffee. Frothy Monkey is an all day cafe, specialty coffee roaster, and wholesale bakery with cafes and production facilities in Nashville, Franklin, and Chattanooga Tennessee.

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10. Gojo Ethiopian Cafe and Restaurant

Traditional Ethiopian cuisine eaten with enjira bread including vegetarian options & a hookah bar. Welcome to Gojo Cafe.

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11. Ethio Coffee House

Reasonable price, friendly staff. Come by and experience Ethiopian sensations with our excellent services and foods. Feel at Home in our coffee house.

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About PinkMoonCoffee

Stephen Miracle created pinkmoon coffee out of passion to see fresh local coffee as accessible as stale big brand coffee. He is driven to create tools for people to find local independent coffee shops & roasters near them.