Fresh Local Alabama Coffee Shops & Roasters

The Best Local Alabama Coffee Roasters & Shops

Discover the best fresh local coffee roasters in Alabama. Alabama offers a wide variety of specialty, organic and fair trade coffee. With dozens of coffee companies in the region, you will be sure to find a great local coffee brand that matches your taste.

Alabama Coffee Roaster - Dakota Coffee Works
Alabama coffee roasters - Dakota Coffee Works

It's all good.

Dakota Coffee Works has been in business for over two decades because they treat their customers like family and sell the finest and freshly roasted local coffee. Come by our Dothan location today and try our legendary coffee or try our light-fare menu of pastries, croissants, and sandwiches.

What Others Are Saying

Good coffee, average prices... I've always noticed there is no background music, which makes for a very awkward dining experience when you feel uncomfortable having a normal conversation. It seems like the place needs to be deep cleaned. Restroom was a mess, ceiling fan, booths and window sills-doesn't give a good impression about how the coffee equipment is cleaned.
- Brianna West

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4440 W Main St #6, Dothan, AL 36305, USA (get directions)


Alabama Coffee Roaster - REDBAR Espresso & Market LLC
Alabama coffee roasters - REDBAR Espresso & Market LLC


REDBAR Espresso & Market was founded December 31st of 2012 by Dr. Michael Bucknell and Kevin Anderson. The story is worth sharing. Dr. Bucknell, a well known Chiropractor, author, and internet health educator, loved coffee. This love didn’t start early, in fact even through his educational career it was of no particular interest. Some time in his late 20’s, probably due to the stress and long hours of running a busy clinic, he developed a taste which lead him to learn more and develop.

What Others Are Saying

The staff is amazing with their knowledge of coffee and espresso. If you're looking for a strong espresso, this is the place to go. The espresso I had was a blend of different countries.
- Raul Diaz

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7921 Tanner Williams Rd, Mobile, AL 36608, USA (get directions)


Alabama Coffee Roaster - The Sunflower Cafe
Alabama coffee roasters - The Sunflower Cafe

Coffee, just the best.

We take pride in being able to offer our customers a clean and friendly shopping and dining environment with our caring and knowledgeable staff. Both Virginia's Health Foods and Fairhope Health Foods offer an extensive selection of nutritional supplements, whole foods supplements, groceries including gluten free and other allergen free foods, organic produce and meats, books, cosmetics, incense, essential oils, and more.

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3055 Dauphin St, Mobile, AL 36606, USA (get directions)


Alabama Coffee Roaster - Bird & Bean Coffee House
Alabama coffee roasters - Bird & Bean Coffee House

Darkness refreshment.

A cozy little coffee house in the Downtown Historic District of Dothan, AL serving amazing coffee drinks and fresh baked goods from our in house baker! Located in beautiful downtown Dothan, we’ve crafted the perfect atmosphere for enjoying a cup of coffee with your best friends or your favorite book. We proudly serve award winning Crimson Cup coffee.

What Others Are Saying

It was great to visit the shop for some coffee for the first time. The credit card machine was having problems, but the staff was patient and apologetic. The coffee was good, maybe a little strong for some tastes. People were friendly and the atmosphere was pleasant. I would definitely go again.
- J T

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144 N Foster St, Dothan, AL 36303, USA (get directions)


Alabama Coffee Roaster - The Red Cat Coffeehouse
Alabama coffee roasters - The Red Cat Coffeehouse

Coffee for all.

A coffeehouse that is welcoming to all people and all tastes in the Birmingham community. Our motto is coffee for everyone. We measure success by seeing that concept come to life each day when we open the doors. Here you will find specialty-grade coffees treated with care but also made accessible to a range of coffee experiences. The Red Cat offers the Birmingham community a gathering place for connecting over great coffee and wholesome food.

What Others Are Saying

Comfy hipster place. Plenty of vegan options to choose from. I suggest you try the Persian Latte. Very yummy. 10$ is about what you need for a coffee and muffin.
- Zero Hd

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2901 2nd Ave S #120, Birmingham, AL 35233, USA (get directions)


Alabama Coffee Roaster - Golden Temple Vegetarian Cafe
Alabama coffee roasters - Golden Temple Vegetarian Cafe

Not just any coffee.

Alabama's original natural grocery and cafe, Golden Temple has been a staple of Birmingham's historic Southside neighborhood since 1973. With an additional location in Trussville, Golden Temple provides the entire metro Birmingham area with an unparalleled selection of vitamins, nutritional supplements and herbs.

What Others Are Saying

I like it, 10 out of 10!
- Nikkia ItIsWhatItIs

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1901 11th Ave S, Birmingham, AL 35205, USA (get directions)


Alabama Coffee Roaster - Community Coffee Co
Alabama coffee roasters - Community Coffee Co


Our company values are our personal values. They're recorded in the choices we've made, the relationships we've developed and the contributions we've made to our local communities. These values inspire us to continually push the boundaries of excellence in coffee — and to consistently deliver on our commitment to be the best coffee company in America.

What Others Are Saying

Good quality and service at its pace. Really nice espresso drinks, small food selection too, including some hot items. I felt like I was in Starbucks due to the food selection and silly names for coffee sizes. But it is of better quality with a local touch.
- Westley Mutziger

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340 Industrial Dr, Birmingham, AL 35211, USA (get directions)


Alabama Coffee Roaster - Seeds Coffee Co. - Homewood
Alabama coffee roasters - Seeds Coffee Co. - Homewood

A history of coffee greatness.

Coffee in a way chose us. When starting the business we began thinking about what product or common good intersects with real life. Our team began researching coffee and the world that surrounds it. We got a little obsessed with coffee! in our journey we discovered how coffee was also a global commodity. Almost every place on our globe either drank coffee or grew it! We found that coffee was one of the top traded goods in all the earth.

What Others Are Saying

I had a wonderful experience. The atmosphere is kinda familiar with Seattle or NYC cafe. Everything is great from beginning to end. The food & coffee had perfect pairs and combos. Looking forward to many more experiences here. I thank the owner, Jay, and all the staff for that great morning.
- David Fieno

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174 Oxmoor Rd, Birmingham, AL 35209, USA (get directions)


Alabama Coffee Roaster - Honest Coffee Roasters
Alabama coffee roasters - Honest Coffee Roasters

A sure favorite among the locals

Known and loved by the locals, this is a hotspot in the historic Space-town. With food, açai bowls and lots of delicious coffee on the menu, this is truly a stop worth making for your lunch break or when visiting.

What Others Are Saying

Great food and drinks, well-designed space, but the most persistent complaint is the price of drinks (on par with New York and San Francisco boutique coffee shops).ps). If it were more affordable, I would go more often. There is great seating both indoors and outdoors.
- Edwin Jacobson

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114 Clinton Ave E #106, Huntsville, AL 35801, USA (get directions)


Alabama Coffee Roaster - The Kaffeeklatsch
Alabama coffee roasters - The Kaffeeklatsch

Dine Like A Local.

Our purpose is to provide the finest freshly roasted specialty coffee available and to offer a wide selection of premium loose-leaf teas sourced from around the world. We strive to educate ourselves continually so we can share knowledge with our customers, offer great service and share our love of coffees and teas. Owners Grant and Kathryn Heath, as well as the rest of the crew, sample all coffees and teas purchased by The Kaffeeklatsch to make sure they are of the highest quality and value.

What Others Are Saying

I have never tasted better Ethiopian beans. When I'm here, I buy because nothing at home compares. It's a great coffee roastery.
- Doug Shelton

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103 Jefferson St N, Huntsville, AL 35801, USA (get directions)


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