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My favorite Facebook Coffee Groups in 2019

Created: Mar 12, 2019 by Miracle Coffee Dude

members: 88,259 
I love this facebook group. It is definitely the most active in my news feed right now. It is a very informal facebook group for coffee but it is definitely fun. It mostly consists of pictures, memes and stories. Other groups may have more depth when it comes to posts but I really enjoy this community. Little to no spam with a lot of support. A+

Members: 24,718
This is another popular and casual Facebook group that I have recently joined. The summary says to post anything coffee related and thats basically what it is. A bunch of random, positive fun posts & pictures about coffee. It is similar to the first group but thats ok. One of the great things about coffee culture is that there's always room for more. its very inclusive.

members: 20,860
This group is dedicated to professional and hobbyist coffee roasters. I've recently become interested in coffee roasting so I joined this group. I really like this group because it discusses really informative stuff about the process of producing a great roast. Its a great fix for the nerdy side of me thats interested in how things work.


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