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Green Coffee Extract Weight Loss Truth

Created: Mar 18, 2019 by Espresso Me Crazy

My sister last week was telling me about green coffee beans and it made me wonder whether green coffee actually help with weight loss?

From what I discovered, Green coffee may help with weight loss but has yet to be proven. There’s been a link between the two without any real undeniable evidence to suggest there’s a causation. Green coffee has been suggested to help with several health benefits such as weight loss, heart disease, anxiety and others, but more research is needed.

What is Green Coffee Bean Powder?

Green coffee powder and supplements come from coffee beans that haven't been roasted. The chemical Chlorogenic Acid is the power player in the belief that green coffee contains health benefits such as weight loss. Green Coffee Bean promoters may encourage users to take it in a supplement, powder, pill or brewed form.

Green coffee beans are the same coffee beans that you normally put into your coffee pot that you buy at the store but with 1 caveat. They haven’t gone through a roasting process. Typically, Chlorogenic Acid will become lessened during the roasting process. Therefore, Green coffee bean powder promoters have been encouraging individuals to bypass the roasting process.

Why doesn’t everyone just stop roasting their coffee beans?

If roasting your coffee beans decreases chlorogenic acid then the question is why do we still roast our coffee beans? The simple answer is that it is safer and really better tasting. People have preferences between light roast and dark roast. Darker roast tend to have a more bitter taste compared to the lighter roast which provide a greater fruity more natural taste to it. The lighter Roast actually have greater caffeine concentration but the darker Roast tends tastes fuller and richer. Proponents of lighter Rose suggest that people enjoy darker roasts because it can poorly harvested coffee beans. The lighter roast are more vulnerable in this regard. Premature or bad coffee beans, will be much more pronounced in a lighter roast.

There’s also some speculation whether or not green coffee is actually healthy for the individual. We already stated where that lighter Roasts have a greater caffeine content than the darker roast. This would imply and does mean that green coffee bean extract  has the greatest amount of caffeine. We all know the health risks that come with overconsumption of caffeine. Hypertension, anxiety, even heart problems and death. You want to take your caffeine consumption seriously.

In the end, roasted coffee beans aren't going anywhere. It adds good flavor to the coffee and people generally prefer it over coffee without being roasted.

Where can  I buy green coffee bean powder extract?

After looking online and doing a little bit of research, I discovered that you can buy green coffee powder extract in many locations. You can purchase it in the common online shops such as, eBay, and other larger online shopping stores.

It is considered a natural supplement therefore isn't  as tightly regulated in the same way as medicine. You can buy the green coffee extract at many local pharmacies, grocery chains and natural / wellness supply stores. There's a good chance that you could get it fairly inexpensively where you live.

Many online retailers try to promote their brands as the best or single location to purchase quality green coffee but this isn’t true. You may get a great price at Amazon but we also discovered that their price is approximately the same as local places  where we live. The lack of price difference could be because it's not a very common purchase and more unique of an item. The price ranges aren’t going to differ dramatically compared to a common item such as clothing and jewelry.

I would recommend doing your due diligence and research where you are going to green coffee if you are going to try it for weight loss or any other health benefits. It is designated as a natural supplement as supposed to Medicine, therefore it is not as highly regulated as things that you would need to buy through the pharmacy. There are brands out there that have been given poor reviews because of mislabeled promises and dishonest dosages. They may promise a certain amount of green coffee extract and may not provide accurate amounts. Many of these brands, may just be dropshippers while getting coffee from overseas and just rebrand to sell online. They may not ever see the actual product themselves for a quality check. It is highly recommended that you go find a brand that has many positive reviews and has a proven track-record.

Popular Green Coffee Extract Brands

Two popular brands of green coffee extract are Naturewise And Nature Bounty. Their cost are approximately around $15 to $25 for 60 pills at 800 mg of green coffee extract. This is fairly inline with the price and dosages that I found both online and offline. There may be variations of prices much higher and lower but this is a good estimate.

I looked over the reviews of Naturewise coffee extract and the majority have been positive with a total count of over 1,000 reviews on Amazon. I have also had a good experience using Nature Bounty in the past and have found that to be a safe brand to purchase. They had many positive reviews as well. I, personally, would refrain from the lesser known brands because they aren't as established.

Is green coffee extract safe for my body?

It is safe to wonder whether or not green coffee is safe for your body. There hasn't been enough studies to suggest conclusively if green coffee is actually beneficial or negative for your body. It is recommended that you speak with your physician as well as be mindful while using it.

There are individuals who have claimed some negative side effects while going through research trials of using green coffee bean extracts. Most of the common side effects are minor and common with coffee & caffeine usage as a whole such as headaches, hypertension, and anxiety. One must be cautious while using green coffee given the greater concentration of caffeine.

While there are some concerns while using green coffee extract, it is still considered a low risk supplement as a whole. If you have a caffeine sensitivity or have been told to stay away from caffeine due to a health condition, then it would be smart to stay away from green coffee otherwise it is generally considered a minimal risk supplement for most adults.

Why do people claim that green coffee extract is good for weight loss?

Green coffee extract was first originated some believe on the dr. Oz Show. On the show, back in 2012, experts suggested that green coffee will be a next big thing to help with weight loss. There was little real evidence to suggest this was true at the time. It was all based on speculation about caffeine in general and beginning testings of  Chlorogenic Acid in the lab.

In the end, it is still too early from a purely research standpoint to conclusively suggest that green coffee helps with weight loss. You should speak with your physicians and experiment for yourself. There is correlative evidence to suggest a link and plenty of testimonials.


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