How to Find the World’s Best Coffee

The quest on finding the world’s best coffee is a long and winding road. But it does not have to be too difficult if you know all the essential details to look out for.

How to Find the World’s Best Coffee

Looking for the world’s finest coffee is like looking for a treasure or a rare gem hidden among unexceptional coffee choices.

You would encounter a lot of coffee products that you thought is among the world’s best, but find out that they are not even cut out for the title. Don’t worry, we’ve all been there. But that doesn’t mean that you should stick around a mediocre coffee when you know (and trust me, we know) that the best coffee for you is just out there.

You could discover the best coffee by chance or you could know about them through a friend’s recommendation. But how do you know that you’ve finally gotten ahold of the world’s best coffee? How can you be sure that the coffee that you have in your cupboard right now is among the finest?

Here are some of the foolproof tips on the attributes to look for in searching for the world’s finest brew:

Skip the coffee aisle

Throughout our lifetime, we encountered a lot of coffee products that we thought was the best for us.

But the biggest mistake we made in our search for the world’s finest coffee is looking for it in supermarkets.

Looking for the finest coffee isn’t that easy—it can’t have the title of the “world’s best” for nothing.

And let’s face it, uncovering a world treasure in a supermarket is just way too unchallenging.

Most of the coffee products that fill giant shelves in supermarkets are from large-scale coffee manufacturers.

Just like any other big companies, their initiative is to make profit a top priority. Sacrificing quality for product quantity makes their coffee stale, dull-tasting and loaded with additives. These characteristics are unfitting for what it takes to become the best coffee in the world.

With all these things considered, the supermarket is the last place you should think about when looking for the world’s best coffee.

Our best bet is to start looking at your local coffee stores.

You’d be shocked to know that you do not have to go too far (and spend too much) on obtaining the world’s best coffee. There’s a great chance that your local coffee is cut out to be one of the first-rate brews in the world.

Explore local coffee roasters

Local coffee roasters are yielders of fresh liquid gold.

Admittedly for us coffee drinkers, coffee is as precious as gold!

When you buy coffee from your local coffee roasters, it is almost always guaranteed that you get the freshest coffee in the world. Local coffee roasters produce coffee products in small batches, guaranteeing freshness and quality.

A small production size enables coffee roasters to monitor the roast profile of the beans. This ensures a more premium and rich quality.

On top of that, coffee beans begin to lose its freshness 14 days after roasting. This means that freshness is greatly attainable in locally roasted coffee than its big box commercial competitors.

The close proximity between you and your local coffee roaster also eliminate the negative effect of transport time on the coffee’s freshness. If your local coffee roaster is only a drive away, you are only taking minutes or hours off from the post-roast freshness clock. How fresh is that!

Scrutinize the packaging

The packaging is your number one clue in determining the quality of the coffee without having to spend your money.

You have to eye out for three important details: roast date, coffee origin, and “best before” date. If it lacks most of these details, it’s a red flag. Put it back on the shelf!

Roast date

Among all the important details, having a “roasted on” information on the packaging weighs the greatest in terms of quality.

If this is present in your packaging, that coffee is bumped up 20 steps into the top coffee honor roll.

The holy period of coffee freshness is up to 14 days. Beyond this time, coffee starts to lose its freshness.

Because of this, most coffee companies leave out this detail. We can’t blame them—no business will want their consumers to know that their product is beyond months or years from the freshness clock, right?

But there are some companies who are brave enough to include this detail on their labels.

These rare companies take on the challenge of providing fresh roasted coffee to their consumers and proudly stamp their roast date on the packaging. This makes coffee from local coffee stores one of the finest—only the best coffee can boast their roast date on their packaging!

Coffee origin

Some coffee companies are not transparent on where they specifically source their coffee.

Roasters that reel you in with the story of where their coffee came from are truthful with their sourcing practices, farmer trade relations, and their coffee.

Single-origin coffee are really good types of coffee. If you find it on the product packaging, you just hit the jackpot!

“Best before” date

As an alternative to the “roasted on” date present on the packaging of the world’s finest coffee, unremarkable coffees have a “best before” date on their packaging.

We have all fallen into this deception before. No coffee is in its best condition for 3-4 months. Beyond two months from its roast date, it is just a mediocre-quality coffee.

Nothing more.

Train your taste buds

It is not guaranteed that you can get ahold of the world's best coffee at your first try. But don't worry, even brilliant discoveries were products of failed trials. Trying a lot of coffee brews from different roasters gives you a good advantage. This will train your taste buds to recognize between a truly high quality brew from those that are just pretending to be.

Do your research

There's no harm in seeking reviews and advice from your resident coffee experts online. Yes, knowledge is power! The more you know about the things you need to look out for in your search for the world's best coffee, the more you will succeed in finding "the one" in just a few tries.

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