Fresh Local Kansas Coffee Shops & Roasters

The Best Local Kansas Coffee Roasters & Shops

Discover the best fresh local coffee roasters in Kansas. Kansas offers a wide variety of specialty, organic and fair trade coffee. With dozens of coffee companies in the region, you will be sure to find a great local coffee brand that matches your taste.

Kansas Coffee Roaster - Legacy Farms Coffee
Kansas coffee roasters - Legacy Farms Coffee

Farm to Your Home Back to the Farmer

From the farm to your coffee maker and back to the farmer. Legacy Farms manages their own coffee farms in the heart of Honduras. Coffee is sent to their roaster in Kansas and delivered to you. More than a passion. 100% of the coffee pours back into supporting the people of Honduras. Building homes. Building dreams and empowering the local communities to maintain sustainable living.

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Moundridge Kansas (get directions)


Kansas Coffee Roaster - Reverie Coffee Roasters
Kansas coffee roasters - Reverie Coffee Roasters

Coffee for the people.

Our roasting efforts are lead by Oscar Pineda, our Head Roaster and Director of Coffee, with over 5 years of experience in specialty coffee roasting, and Jason Hendry, our General Manager of Wholesale, who brings over 15 years of experience working with specialty coffee as barista, manager, and more. Our crew is driven by a desire to provide fantastic coffee and customer service to the Wichita community and beyond.

What Others Are Saying

Though I am not a resident of Wichita, I like to visit when I am in town. Last week, I had the most amazing rosemary caramel oat milk latte! I couldn't stop thinking about it. At home I even tried to make a version, but I couldn't match it. My next trip is already planned, hope the rosemary still appears on the menu! Hands down, the best coffee in Wichita!
- Becca Kurtz

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2202 E Douglas Ave, Wichita, KS 67214, USA (get directions)


Kansas Coffee Roaster - Crows Coffee Waldo
Kansas coffee roasters - Crows Coffee Waldo

Your Neighborhood Coffee Shop.

Crows Coffee is a neighborhood coffee shop with three locations in Kansas City, MO. Crows expanded to Waldo and Red Bridge, and quickly became an integral part of each community. A bakery, The Baked Crow, operates out of the Waldo space, and provides fresh pastries and breakfast burritos for all three locations — which also serve beer and wine, in addition to espresso, coffee, tea, and specialty drinks.

What Others Are Saying

We came here for coffee with a family member and I loved it! Great atmosphere at this place! Definitely going back again
- Craig Brooks

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7440 Washington St, Kansas City, MO 64114, USA (get directions)


Kansas Coffee Roaster - Filling Station Coffee - Midtown
Kansas coffee roasters - Filling Station Coffee - Midtown

Fill it up, cup!

We believe firmly in presenting quality and originality. We revisit our menu regularly but always continue to serve up the house favorites. When we can’t create items in our own kitchen, we proudly work with other local businesses to bring you a full menu of quality goods. Our coffee program is run in partnership with Messenger Coffee and we are highly focused on delivering a stellar coffee experience.

What Others Are Saying

Near Union Hills is a nice coffee shop. Near an apartment complex and residential area, this coffee shop is a good place for relaxing, studying, relaxing, studying and for some light food and refreshments. The drinks are all good here (both coffee and tea). I have been here many times. Highly recommended.
- Wuji Fei

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2980 McGee Trafficway, Kansas City, MO 64108, USA (get directions)


Kansas Coffee Roaster - One More Cup
Kansas coffee roasters - One More Cup

People & planet friendly!

A unique, locally owned coffee house providing excellent drinks, food, & service in the heart of Waldo since 2009. One More Cup is our love letter to our neighborhood, and Kansas City in general. We are very passionate about the products we have chosen to use, family, friends, the environment, and our community.

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7408 Wornall Rd, Kansas City, MO 64114, USA (get directions)


Kansas Coffee Roaster - Ecclesia Coffee & Community
Kansas coffee roasters - Ecclesia Coffee & Community

A cup of quality coffee.

Creating community over a cup of quality coffee.

What Others Are Saying

The atmosphere is very nice. Food and coffee are great
- Amber Davis

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7130 W Maple St #280, Wichita, KS 67209, USA (get directions)


Kansas Coffee Roaster - Headrush Roasters Coffee & Tea
Kansas coffee roasters - Headrush Roasters Coffee & Tea

Superior service, personalized attention

Headrush Roasters is a locally owned independent coffee house operated by Eric and Nancy Schneider since 2012. We are passionate about all things coffee and tea. To ensure the highest quality of coffee, Headrush strictly controls the entire process of selecting, roasting and brewing exquisite coffee.

What Others Are Saying

I really like this place! Every time, we serve fresh, delicious coffee! It's definitely worth a try to try the seasonal flavors. Such a wide range of options! Whenever I order a drink, I always order it half-sweet since I'm not big on sugar. This drive-thru looks like something from Willie Wonka's chocolate factory, as you can see the beans being freshly roasted!
- Dana Douglass

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7108 N Oak Trafficway, Kansas City, MO 64118, USA (get directions)


Kansas Coffee Roaster - Blip Roasters
Kansas coffee roasters - Blip Roasters

A deeper dive into our heart and soul

Our philosophy at Blip Roasters revolves around how we live our lives and is what drives us: community, loyalty, coffee and motorcycles. Riding moves us through life, and coffee is our opportunity to re-align during the curves thrown by the daily grind. Blip Roasters provides a high-quality product that doesn’t compromise when it comes to sustainability and renewability. We take pride in the origins of our coffees.

What Others Are Saying

The coffee is great, it's motorcycle-themed, and it's cigar-friendly (outside). What else could I ask for? This is a real gem! I'm glad I found it!
- Dave Sly

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1101 Mulberry St, Kansas City, MO 64101, USA (get directions)


Kansas Coffee Roaster - Mother Earth Coffee Hyde Park
Kansas coffee roasters - Mother Earth Coffee Hyde Park

Coffee for Goodness Sake

Mother Earth Coffee is just like nature intended. From our origin partners’ farming to our roasting practices, only natural processes and materials are used throughout the production of our coffee. We pour ourselves into every step of production, roasting Mother Earth Coffee fresh daily in small batches. With each coffee crop being different, we strive to bring out the best in each bean by roasting to accentuate the unique flavor profiles naturally found in our coffees.

What Others Are Saying

Breakfast at this restaurant is great! There is a Starbucks here that offers not only good coffee but also decent breakfast items, such as breakfast burritos and sandwiches. Yogurt whipped to perfection! Sorry, my picture doesn't do my words justice, I guess I was too hungry. Having a pleasant atmosphere and friendly staff, what else could you wish for from a coffee shop.
- Lada Yunga

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3504 Gillham Rd, Kansas City, MO 64111, USA (get directions)


Kansas Coffee Roaster - Broadway Cafe
Kansas coffee roasters - Broadway Cafe

Coffee Has The Answer.

We are business partners who are now tasked with navigating a situation unlike anything we’ve ever experienced. Making choices and decisions quickly has not been our style since becoming business partners over 20 years ago. If there is one thing we’d like you to know About Us, it is that we’re working hard everyday to produce the best coffee. Kansas City's oldest locally owned roasting company. We share a love of espresso and a passion for the artistry of a perfectly crafted drink.

What Others Are Saying

Located in a great local neighborhood. Because of the quality of both their coffee and service, it's been around forever. You won't be disappointed if you stop by!
- LaShawnda Glover

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4106 Broadway Blvd, Kansas City, MO 64111, USA (get directions)


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