34 Coffee Shops & Companies in Nebraska

Popular Coffee Shops in Nebraska by City

25. A Hill of Beans Coffee Roasters

At A Hill of Beans, we take our coffee seriously…very seriously. Our fast-paced, customer-driven environment is one noteworthy aspect of our business that sets us apart from the rest. We are dedicated to providing our customers with the best experience each and every time they walk through our doors to purchase beans, pop into one of our ROAST locations for a cup of Joe, or shop with us online. Each customer. Every time.

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26. Amateur Coffee

The enthusiast who pursues their work in the spirit of love. In French, the word means “lover of”. We are, quite literally, lovers of coffee.

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27. Aromas Coffeehouse

Quality coffee shop. Come over take your stress away with our soothing coffee aroma.

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28. Tap Dancers Specialty Coffee

We only roast and sell single origin specialty grade coffee (the finest coffee in the world). The name on the label is the name of the farm it comes from. We know who grew the coffee. We know that the farmer got paid significantly higher than fair trade rates. We verify that the owners take care of the land sustainably and grow the coffee organically.

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29. Archetype Coffee

At Archetype, we believe there are two sides to coffee. One side is the exhausting, painstaking, demanding, and unpredictable work of coffee making. It’s serious business that calls for relentless attention and care. The second side encompasses the fun and ridiculous parts of the people who grow, make and drink coffee. Holding these two sides together allows us to foster a specialty coffee community that is intentional, caring, and driven.

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30. Cafe Z

Let's go to the wonderfulness of Cafe Z.

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31. LaMar's Donuts and Coffee

Perfecting his original donut recipe since 1933, Ray Lamar opened the first LaMar’s Donuts in 1960. The Kansas City, Missouri business was a success and soon there were daily lines outside the door of people waiting for their hot, fresh donuts.

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32. Urban Abbey

Explore our menu of fairly sourced coffee, tea, and treats, or pick out a book in our bookstore. Discover how you can help make a difference big and small. Join an inclusive community as we grow our spirituality and connect as a community.

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33. Village Grinder

The Village Grinder is a locally owned Coffee Shop/Store that opened in 1983. We offer a wide variety of Coffee Drinks, Coffee Beans, Fresh Bakery Items, Fresh Made Sandwiches everyday, and many gift items for all occasions.

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