Art of Tea Review: A Deep Dive

Art of Tea - Now that's some good tea!

A little history lesson

Art of Tea review

Art of Tea, situated in Los Angeles, California, is a tea importer and wholesaler that started doing business in 1996. The founder of Art of Tea, Steve Schwartz, came up with this business idea when he was studying preventative medicine.

The brand has now grown to become a leading supplier of organic and specialty teas around the world. The company hand-picks their teas from growers to deliver quality products to their customers. Top-tier ingredients are ensured as Steve and his team has connections to credible farmers from the Middle East, Africa, India, and Asia.

Award winning tea

Schwartz has created award-winning tea blends for Art of Tea, as well as for private label programs for tea companies worldwide. This is why he is known by many in the tea-making industry as a Master Tea Blender. He is very passionate about his profession, and it shows in his company's core values.

Art of Tea expresses that through tea, they can have a positive impact on as many lives as possible. That's why they highly regard culture, accountability, and excellence in all they do. They are committed to constant growth and innovation via quality outcomes in order to reach their full potential.

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Dip your toes into the world of Art of Tea with this starter kit box

The Art of Tea has introduced the perfect gift for tea lovers everywhere.

The Starter Kit is a beautifully crafted wooden box that contains 8 of their best selling delicious and aromatic teabag satchets. The tea bags include: English Breakfast, Green Pomegranate, Matcha+, Bright Eyed, Pacific Coast Mint, Earl Grey Crème, Earl Grey, White Coconut Crème.

This default tea selection, however, is subject to change depending on availability. Some alternative flavors are Egyptian Camomille and Italian Blood Orange.

Find a new flavor of tea!

This unique assortment is perfect for finding your favorite flavor quickly. And for experienced admirers of the beverage, this is a way to explore new mixtures you might not have had before. The set is comprised of caffeinated and caffeine-free variants. With a diverse range of blends, I can easily experiment on different teas to find which one is my favorite.

Aside from the variety of flavors, the good proportions also make this stater kit fit for sampling. The sachets contain ample refillable quantities. Each can last around two to three 18oz cups.

Eco-Friendly Sustainable Material

At Home Tea Starter Kit stands out from its competition by using eco-friendly materials in its sachets. Soilon, a plant-based substance manufactured from Polylactic Acid (PLA), is used to make pyramid-shaped tea bag sachets. PLA is made entirely of organic matter, and it is 100% sustainable in the commercial sense.

Let's talk about the super cute box!

Furthermore, this collection is stored in a distinctive branded wooden box with a clean, natural aesthetic. It is made of pinewood and is very easy to maintain.

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Caramel Apple Tea - An original take on a delicious flavor

Caramel Apple Tea is a part of Art of Tea's Fall & Holiday Blends collection, and rightfully so. Its taste and aroma are one of the best complements for quiet mornings in the season of cold winds and falling leaves.

This original blend achieves balance by combining rich caramel notes with sweet apple pieces and a dash of citrus. You can acquire its fruity and grassy texture by steeping for three minutes under 180-185° F.

It has medium caffeine content giving it a light, bright, and delectable feel. But I suggest that you stock up with this specific tea as its availability is only seasonal.

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Dark Chocolate Peppermint - The perfect tea for chocolate lovers!

As another product belonging to the Fall & Holiday Blends collection, the Dark Chocolate Peppermint Tea doesn't disappoint. It's a full-bodied tea with a bold flavor. Nevertheless, no ingredient overpowers the rest. They all blend well together.

In a powerful infusion, the tea incorporates elements of cooling mint with the taste of smooth, delicious chocolate. The peppermint isn't overbearing, and the chocolate provides just the right depth. It's a mixture that won't fail to remind me of the holidays.

It is made up of organic cacao nibs, peppermint, pink peppercorn, and pu-erh tea. However, it also contains natural flavors such as tree nuts or cashews, which can trigger allergies in some people. So, beware.

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Step into the holidays with the Pumpkin Pie Tea

As the name suggests, this tea is brewed to be the liquid version of a pumpkin pie minus the extra calories. It does taste like an actual pumpkin pie but with a more balanced sweetness. You can say it's pie but without the guilt and hassle.

With a bit of spice, this blend helps warm up the cold and changing seasons. I can consume it at any hour of the day because it is caffeine-free. This savory delight is formulated from a combination of organic and artificial flavors.

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Cinnamon Fig Tea - A sweet and spicy tea to get cozy at home

This unusual combo surprisingly creates a coherent overall essence. The cinnamon could be overpowering, but it's not, and the fig is mild and delicate.

This tea has a comforting scent and a rich, maple-covered apple fragrance. The well- blended ingredients make for flavors that go well with anything sweet.

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5 Stars for the Art of Tea

I hope you enjoyed my review and intro into the Art of Tea. They are a great company and their support have been phenomonal. I really recommend them to anyone who is looking to get a great tea experience.

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